Every year, from September to March, thousands of dolphins are slowly, brutally slaughtered in Taiji, Japan. Not only is the killing method horrifying, but where the dolphin meat ends up, as well. Despite international outrage and worldwide activism to stop the senseless killings of these bright, beautiful and intelligent creatures, the Taiji Government allows it to continue.
What is done:
The dolphins are driven into the killing cove by a method called “oikomi” (fisheries drive). Fishermen place long metal pipes with flared ends into the water and bang on them, disrupting the dolphins’ sensitive sonar and forcing them to flee the resultant “wall of sound.” In this way, the fishermen drive the dolphins from open sea into the cove. Many thrash themselves against the rocks in their panic, rending their flesh in a desperate attempt to flee the painful noise. Once driven into the cove, the dolphins are netted off and left for the night. In the morning, dolphin trainers line the shore and enter the water to select the most attractive of specimens, for which they pay top dollar. Afterward, the fishermen herd the remaining dolphins toward shore and the sick, slow killing begins. The screams and cries of dolphins can be heard as the fishermen move from animal to animal, driving a spike into their back, purportedly to sever their spinal cord and “kill them instantly” — only accurate if one defines “instantly” to mean 6 excruciating minutes or more.
The 7-Academy Award-winning film, “The Cove,” addresses the Taiji dolphin slaughter and the issues surrounding this disgusting practice. Why is this allowed to continue? Watch and learn. The killings will begin again on September 1. Please join the fight to END this cruel, senseless, inhumane and unethical action!
Special thanks to @delphinusdelphis for permission to use the material in her “Cove Still Runs Red: January 18, 2011” video.